At Dr. Lindsay Keith, MD, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our patients’ protected health information (PHI). As a healthcare provider, we are dedicated to compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its regulations.

  1. PHI Collection and Use: We collect and use PHI for the purpose of providing healthcare services, treatment, and related activities. This includes but is not limited to medical records, test results, consultations, and communications with our patients.
  2. Security Measures: We have implemented physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect PHI against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. These safeguards include secure electronic systems, restricted access to physical records, and staff training on privacy and security practices.
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices: We provide a Notice of Privacy Practices that outlines our privacy policies and procedures, including how PHI may be used and disclosed, patient rights regarding their PHI, and contact information for inquiries or concerns related to privacy.
  4. Business Associate Agreements: We have established agreements with our business associates who may have access to PHI to ensure they also comply with HIPAA regulations and protect patient privacy and security.
  5. Patient Rights: We respect and uphold the rights of our patients under HIPAA. This includes the right to access, amend, and receive an accounting of disclosures of their PHI. Patients may also request restrictions on the use or disclosure of their PHI.
  6. Breach Notification: In the event of a breach of unsecured PHI, we will comply with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule. We will promptly notify affected individuals, the Department of Health and Human Services, and any other required entities.
  7. Confidentiality Agreement: Our staff and employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure they understand the importance of protecting patient privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of PHI.
  8. Privacy Officer: We have designated a Privacy Officer who is responsible for overseeing HIPAA compliance, addressing patient privacy concerns, and ensuring compliance with all HIPAA requirements.
  9. Training and Education: We provide ongoing training and education to our staff on HIPAA regulations, privacy practices, security protocols, and the importance of protecting patient information.
  10. Patient Complaints: If you believe your privacy rights have been violated or if you have any concerns regarding our HIPAA compliance, please contact our Privacy Officer to report the issue or file a complaint.

We take the privacy and security of patient information seriously. If you have any questions or need further information about our HIPAA compliance practices, please contact our Privacy Officer.