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Skin-sparing mastectomy is a specialized surgical approach that combines effective treatment with enhanced aesthetic outcomes. Dr. Lindsay Keith, a highly skilled Surgical Breast Oncologist in Murfreesboro, TN, specializes in this procedure, which aims to remove breast tissue while preserving the skin envelope. With a focus on preserving aesthetics and offering immediate or delayed breast reconstruction options, Dr. Keith’s expertise ensures patient satisfaction and natural-looking results.

Definition and Explanation:

Skin-sparing mastectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove breast tissue while preserving the skin envelope. This technique allows for better aesthetic outcomes by maintaining the natural shape, contour, and appearance of the breast. By carefully preserving the skin envelope, Dr. Lindsay Keith ensures a foundation for immediate or delayed breast reconstruction while achieving the necessary removal of breast tissue.

Importance of Preserving the Skin Envelope:

Preserving the skin envelope in a mastectomy procedure is crucial for achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes. The skin envelope serves as the foundation for breast reconstruction, enabling the creation of natural-looking breasts. Dr. Keith understands the impact of body image and self-confidence on her patients’ well-being. By preserving the skin envelope, she strives to provide her patients with results that look and feel as natural as possible and minimizes complications such as delayed wound healing, skin loss and implant loss.

Expertise in Specialized Surgical Approach:

Dr. Lindsay Keith has extensive expertise in performing skin-sparing mastectomy and is the only fellowship trained breast surgeon in Murfreesboro with this expertise. With her specialized surgical approach, she ensures precise removal of breast tissue while preserving the skin envelope. Dr. Keith’s technical proficiency, attention to detail, and comprehensive understanding of breast anatomy contribute to the success of the procedure. Patients can trust in her expertise to deliver exceptional surgical outcomes.

Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction Options:

Skin-sparing mastectomy offers the opportunity for immediate or delayed breast reconstruction. Dr. Lindsay Keith discusses these options with her patients, considering individual preferences, medical factors, and treatment plans. Immediate reconstruction allows for the placement of implants during the same surgical procedure. Delayed reconstruction offers the flexibility to undergo reconstruction at a later time, including implants or the patient’s own tissue, allowing patients to focus on healing and making informed decisions about their desired reconstructive options.

Patient Satisfaction and Natural-Looking Results:

Skin-sparing mastectomy, coupled with immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, often leads to high patient satisfaction and natural-looking results. Dr. Lindsay Keith’s attention to detail and commitment to achieving aesthetic outcomes contribute to patients feeling more confident and comfortable in their appearance post-surgery. By prioritizing personalized care and offering tailored reconstructive options, Dr. Keith helps patients regain a sense of wholeness and normalcy.


When considering skin-sparing mastectomy procedures in Murfreesboro, TN, Dr. Lindsay Keith offers surgical expertise aimed at preserving aesthetics and achieving natural-looking results. By specializing in this surgical approach, Dr. Keith ensures the precise removal of breast tissue while preserving the skin envelope. With a focus on patient satisfaction and offering immediate or delayed breast reconstruction options, she helps patients regain their confidence and restore a natural appearance. If you are seeking personalized care and comprehensive treatment for breast-related conditions, contact Dr. Lindsay Keith to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards preserving aesthetics with surgical expertise.