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Nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy is a specialized surgical approach that allows for the removal of breast tissue while preserving the nipple and/or areolar complex. Dr. Lindsay Keith, a compassionate Surgical Breast Oncologist in Murfreesboro, TN, specializes in this procedure, recognizing the importance of maintaining natural appearance and supporting emotional well-being. With a focus on personalized surgical plans and outcomes, Dr. Keith ensures patient satisfaction and promotes a positive sense of self throughout the mastectomy journey.

Definition and Explanation:

Nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove breast tissue while preserving the nipple and areola complex. This specialized approach allows patients to retain their natural nipple-areola appearance, which can have a significant impact on body image and self-confidence. By carefully removing breast tissue while preserving the aesthetic aspects of the breast, Dr. Lindsay Keith aims to provide patients with a sense of wholeness and normalcy.

Importance of Preserving the Nipple and Areola Complex:

Preserving the nipple and areolar complex is crucial for patients desiring to maintain their natural appearance, but unfortunately, it is not possible for all patients with breast cancer. The nipple-areolar complex holds immense emotional and psychological significance, representing femininity and identity for many individuals. Dr. Keith recognizes the profound impact this preservation has on patients’ self-esteem and body image. By offering nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy, she aims to promote a positive surgical experience that respects patients’ desires and supports their emotional well-being.

Maintaining Natural Appearance While Removing Breast Tissue:

Dr. Lindsay Keith’s expertise lies in her ability to maintain a natural appearance while effectively removing breast tissue. With meticulous surgical techniques and a comprehensive understanding of breast anatomy, she ensures that patients can retain the aesthetic features of their breast while addressing their medical needs. Dr. Keith’s surgical precision and attention to detail contribute to optimal outcomes, providing patients with a renewed sense of confidence and normalcy.

Personalized Surgical Plans and Outcomes:

Each patient’s journey is unique, and Dr. Lindsay Keith emphasizes the importance of personalized surgical plans and outcomes. She collaborates closely with her patients to understand their goals, concerns, and expectations. By tailoring the surgical approach to individual needs, Dr. Keith ensures that patients are actively involved in decision-making and have a clear understanding of the expected outcomes. This personalized approach promotes a sense of empowerment and peace of mind throughout the mastectomy process.

Patient Satisfaction and Emotional Well-being:

Nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy often leads to high patient satisfaction and enhanced emotional well-being. Dr. Lindsay Keith’s commitment to preserving natural appearance and supporting patients’ emotional needs contributes to positive surgical experiences. By maintaining the nipple and areola complex, she helps patients maintain their self-image, femininity, and overall well-being. Dr. Keith’s compassionate care fosters an environment of trust and support, allowing patients to navigate the emotional aspects of their mastectomy journey with confidence.


For individuals considering nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy procedures in Murfreesboro, TN, Dr. Lindsay Keith offers a compassionate and skilled approach. By preserving the nipple and areola complex, she acknowledges the significance of maintaining natural appearance and supporting emotional well-being. With personalized surgical plans and outcomes, Dr. Keith ensures patient satisfaction and a positive sense of self throughout the mastectomy process. If you are seeking comprehensive care and personalized attention, contact Dr. Lindsay Keith to schedule a consultation. Take the first step towards preserving natural appearance and emotional well-being with a trusted Surgical Breast Oncologist.