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A total mastectomy is a surgical procedure often chosen by individuals facing breast-related conditions. Dr. Lindsay Keith, a compassionate Surgical Breast Oncologist in Murfreesboro, TN, specializes in total mastectomy procedures. This involves the complete removal of breast tissue, with or without reconstruction.

Definition and Explanation:

Total mastectomy, also known as “simple” mastectomy, is a surgical procedure that involves the complete removal of breast tissue. Without reconstruction, this includes the nipple and areola. With reconstruction, this may or may not include the nipple and areola depending on a number of factors. This approach is commonly recommended for individuals with breast cancer or those at high risk of developing breast cancer. By removing all breast tissue, total mastectomy aims to eliminate the source of disease and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Sensitivity and Support:

Dr. Lindsay Keith understands the emotional and physical impact of undergoing a total mastectomy. She approaches each patient with sensitivity and provides the necessary support throughout the entire process. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals undergoing this procedure, Dr. Keith and her team ensure a compassionate and empathetic environment where patients feel heard, supported, and cared for.

Commitment to Optimal Clinical Outcomes:

Dr. Lindsay Keith is dedicated to achieving optimal clinical outcomes for her patients undergoing total mastectomy. With her extensive expertise in breast surgery, she employs a meticulous approach to ensure thorough removal of breast tissue while minimizing the risk of complications. Dr. Keith’s commitment to excellence in surgical techniques and her emphasis on patient safety contribute to the highest standards of care and positive treatment outcomes.

Reconstructive Options and Physical Well-being:

Following a total mastectomy, patients have the opportunity to consider reconstructive options. Dr. Lindsay Keith provides comprehensive guidance on reconstructive procedures, discussing the various techniques available and their impact on physical well-being. By working closely with each patient, Dr. Keith helps them make informed decisions regarding breast reconstruction, considering factors such as desired aesthetic outcomes, personal preferences, and overall health.

Personalized Care and Attention to Patient Needs:

Dr. Lindsay Keith believes in the importance of personalized care and tailoring treatment plans to meet each patient’s individual needs. She takes the time to understand her patients’ concerns, preferences, and goals, ensuring that their unique circumstances are addressed throughout the entire mastectomy process. Dr. Keith’s attentive approach fosters a trusting and collaborative relationship, where patients can openly discuss their concerns and have their questions answered.


When it comes to total mastectomy procedures in Murfreesboro, TN, Dr. Lindsay Keith offers compassionate care and a commitment to optimal clinical outcomes. With her expertise in breast surgery, Dr. Keith ensures that patients receive the support and attention they deserve throughout their mastectomy journey. If you are considering a total mastectomy or have questions about breast-related conditions, contact Dr. Lindsay Keith to schedule a consultation. Take the first step towards comprehensive care and personalized attention, guided by a compassionate Surgical Breast Oncologist dedicated to your well-being.