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Axillary lymph node dissection is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Lindsay Keith, a dedicated Surgical Breast Oncologist in Murfreesboro, TN. This procedure involves the comprehensive evaluation and removal of a greater number of lymph nodes from the underarm area. With a focus on accurate staging and treatment decision-making, Dr. Keith’s comprehensive approach and attention to detail ensure thorough lymph node evaluation and individualized care for her patients.

Definition and Explanation:

Axillary lymph node dissection is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a greater number of lymph nodes from the underarm area (axilla). This procedure is typically recommended in cases where more extensive lymph node evaluation is necessary due to lymph nodes being involved by tumor. By removing and examining these lymph nodes, Dr. Lindsay Keith can gain valuable insights into the spread of breast cancer, facilitating accurate staging and guiding appropriate treatment decisions.

Importance of Thorough Lymph Node Evaluation:

Thorough lymph node evaluation is of paramount importance in certain cases of breast cancer. By examining a greater number of lymph nodes, Dr. Keith can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the extent of cancer spread. This evaluation helps determine the stage of the disease, which is critical for making informed treatment decisions and providing the most effective care tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Approach and Attention to Detail:

Dr. Lindsay Keith is known for her comprehensive approach and attention to detail when performing axillary lymph node dissection. She meticulously evaluates the lymph nodes, ensuring that no potential site of cancer spread is missed. Dr. Keith’s expertise in breast surgery and her commitment to providing the highest standard of care contribute to accurate and thorough lymph node evaluation, instilling confidence in her patients.

Accurate Staging and Treatment Decision-Making:

Axillary lymph node dissection plays a vital role in accurate staging, enabling precise treatment decision-making. By examining the lymph nodes, Dr. Lindsay Keith can determine the extent of cancer involvement and identify any potential spread beyond the primary tumor site. This accurate staging information is instrumental in guiding treatment plans, including the need for additional therapies such as radiation or systemic treatments. Dr. Keith’s expertise ensures that patients receive tailored treatment plans based on their individual requirements, maximizing the chances of successful treatment outcomes.

Patient Support and Individualized Care:

Throughout the entire process of axillary lymph node dissection, Dr. Lindsay Keith provides unwavering patient support and individualized care. She understands that undergoing this procedure can be emotionally challenging, and she is dedicated to addressing her patients’ concerns and providing reassurance. Dr. Keith and her compassionate team ensure that patients are well-informed, supported, and guided throughout their treatment journey, promoting a sense of comfort and confidence.


For patients requiring axillary lymph node dissection in Murfreesboro, TN, Dr. Lindsay Keith offers a comprehensive and meticulous approach to lymph node evaluation. With her expertise and attention to detail, she ensures accurate staging and treatment decision-making for precise breast cancer care. By providing individualized support and care, Dr. Keith and her team strive to create a comforting and empowering environment for patients. Contact Dr. Lindsay Keith to schedule a consultation and experience the compassionate and comprehensive care she provides in axillary lymph node dissection, promoting precise evaluation and individualized treatment.