Picture of Lindsay Keith, MD

Lindsay Keith, MD

Dr. Lindsay Keith: A Passionate Advocate and Expert in Breast Health


Our Mission:

“Empowering patients through education and confidence-building in their healthcare journey.”


My Story:

Dr. Lindsay Keith’s journey to becoming a leading breast surgeon is driven by a divine calling and a profound commitment to her patients. Early in her surgical residency, she realized her profound connection with cancer patients. Witnessing the bravery and determination of those battling breast cancer, Dr. Keith felt drawn to specialize in this field. Her dedication is not just professional; it’s a personal mission to fight against breast diseases and support each patient’s unique journey.


Education and Training:

Breast Oncology Surgery Fellowship at Baylor University Medical Center (2016-2017)
General Surgery Residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center (2009-2015)
Doctor of Medicine, Texas A&M Health Sciences Center – College of Medicine (2005-2009)
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, Texas Tech University (2001-2004)



Dr. Keith brings extensive experience in both general and breast surgery, having served in multiple medical centers. Her tenure at St. Thomas Rutherford since September 2017 highlights her commitment to serving the Murfreesboro community with over 150+ 5-star reviews reflecting her excellence in patient care.


Publications and Research:

Dr. Keith’s research contributions, including her work on serum albumin in colon resections and melanoma studies, illustrate her dedication to advancing medical knowledge. Her publications in respected journals and presentations at national conferences underline her authority in the medical community.


Certifications and Lectures:

Fully licensed to practice medicine in Tennessee
Board Certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery
Renowned for her engaging and informative lectures, including topics like “Nipple Sparing Mastectomy” and “Intestinal Failure”


My Commitment:

At Lindsay Keith, MD, our practice is built on a foundation of trust, compassion, and advanced medical care. Dr. Keith’s approach is not only about treating breast diseases but also about nurturing the overall health and recovery of her patients. Her passion for educating and guiding patients through their treatment and into survivorship is at the heart of our practice.


Your Journey with Us:

Embark on a healthcare journey where you are more than a patient – you are a story of courage and resilience. With Dr. Keith’s expertise and our dedicated team’s support, you are in the hands of a trusted and caring professional. Your fight is our fight, and your story is our story.