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Maintaining a healthy body weight through diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Obesity is linked to elevated hormone levels, which may contribute to hormonally driven breast cancers. Studies show a 33% increase in breast cancer-specific mortality in obese individuals with a BMI >30. To protect your breast health and overall well-being, prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

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Screening & Detection

Early detection is vital in breast cancer management. Standard-risk patients can benefit from regular mammograms, while those with dense breast tissue may opt for tomosynthesis or “3-D mammograms.” High-risk patients may need a combination of mammograms and MRI alternating every 6 months. Discuss the right screening option for you with your primary care physician or schedule a consult with our office.

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Suspicious findings on a screening mammogram or a new lump may warrant diagnostic imaging, including targeted mammograms and ultrasounds. Biopsy, if required, helps confirm the diagnosis. Remember, additional imaging doesn’t always mean breast cancer. A pathologist examines the tissue, and if further treatment is necessary, our breast surgeon will discuss available options.

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Treating breast cancer involves a multidisciplinary approach, with a team of physicians tailoring a personalized treatment plan. Your breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and others work together to address your unique needs. Your treatment plan will be discussed with you at each visit, ensuring the best possible care.

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Recovery & Follow Up

After breast cancer treatment, regular follow-up care is crucial. Our team will monitor your recovery and address any concerns you may have. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing the necessary care and guidance to ensure your continued well-being.

Dr. Lindsay Keith

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“Passionate about educating and empowering patients concerning their disease, and guiding them through treatment with confidence.”

A Favorite Nashville Breast Surgeon

The best way to tackle breast cancer is with support and empowerment; that’s what I strive to provide as a fellowship trained Nashville Breast Surgeon. Whether you have a benign breast disease or breast cancer it is important to understand, you are not alone.

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Looking for a Franklin, TN Breast Cancer Surgeon?

In your search for a reputable, reliable and truly talented surgical breast oncologist, you will invariably find that surgeons with fellowship training are a cut above the rest. As a fellowship-trained breast surgeon near Franklin, TN, Dr. Lindsay Keith is committed to empowering patients by helping them make informed decisions about their treatments. Her extensive training and hands-on experience gives her the ability to guide patients through their treatments with confidence, and ensure optimum outcomes.

Why Fellowship Training Matters?

Breast Oncologic Surgery Fellowship involves additional training after surgical residency that focuses on diseases of the breast, including benign and malignant disease. This additional year of training allows doctors to focus on a specific area of medicine under the guidance of some of the most respected and highly skilled professionals within their fields. Because of her fellowship training, Dr. Lindsay Keith is among the top providers for breast disease that boasts a range of skills that other surgeons may lack.

Get Access To A Comfortable And Convenient Treatment Environment In Franklin, TN

Our practice in Murfreesboro, TN is just a short drive from Franklin, TN location. Our practice is located in a quiet, convenient and highly-accessible location that is far preferable to battling the traffic and bustling crowds of Franklin. Thus, our patients benefit from the special insight and expertise of a fellowship-trained breast cancer surgeon and have the benefit of being closer to home.

Get Treatment From a Female Surgeon Who Understands

In addition to her highly-specialized training, Dr. Lindsay Keith brings something else to the table that many general surgeons do not. This is an inherent understanding of the female body and a natural ability to empathize with the concerns of her client base. During her year of fellowship training, she was exposed to a host of benign breast issues ranging from fibroadenomas, breast pain and cysts to male problems, such as gynecomastia. Her primary focus, however, has long been on the identification, diagnosis, and forming multidisciplinary and individualized treatment plans for breast cancer patients. Dr. Lindsay Keith recognizes the complexity of this disease and the need for individualized and integrated breast cancer care.


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